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Products В2В «Fruit and berry fillings»


"Evrohansa" – is a leading Polish manufacturer of FBF and natural flavorings for the confectionery industry. Own product line and original recipes allow the company to offer wide assortment of fruit and berry raw materials for dairy products and ice cream, bakery and confectionery fillings, jellies, fruit and candied fruit.
"Erkonprodukt" offers a number of great fillings "Evrohansa":

  • Baked apple in slices;
  • Apple with peach;
  • Pear;
  • Baked apple in slices;
  • Apple with raspberry.

All fillings are wonderfully balanced according to production and taste qualities, and are ready for usage.
Ingredients: Fruit 85%, sugar, citric acid, starch, nature-identical flavoring.
Packaging: Bucket 12 kg.
Storage: 9 months from the date of manufacture in a cool dry place at temperature not above 20 ° C, humidity - not more than 75%.